Financial Planning

Nicole Theisen Strbich, CFP®

Financial Planning integrates your resources with your goals and objectives to provide direction and discipline. Without direction and discipline, people typically make impulsive or random decisions.

We work with you to set realistic goals, identify key financial issues, and prepare a list of strategies to achieve those goals. After a plan is established, your BFG team will help you implement it. You will then meet periodically with your advisor to review your plan and make any adjustments needed to reach your goals.

As your team of professionals, we work with you to review your current financial situation, short and long-term objectives, and risk tolerance. In doing so we can address, in an integrated fashion, your estate planning and wealth transfer issues, tax planning, and philanthropic interests. This analysis serves as the basis for the development and ongoing review of comprehensive strategic financial objectives.

    At Buckingham Financial Group, Inc. planning is a process not a product.

    + Establish Client Mission and Goals
    • Clarify primary objectives
    • Determine role of active family members
    • Acquire family data information

    + Establish Office Infrastructure To Achieve Mission
    • Determine Advisor to meet needs
    • Consider proper financial planning requirements
    • Evaluate risk versus reward
    • Discuss time structure for financial planning

    + Strategic Financial Planning
    • Design estate & wealth plan
    • Plan for tax & compliance requirements
    • Integrate philanthropic goals with overall plan
    • Determine time frame to meet goals
    • Determine family members special needs

    + Asset Allocation
    • Establish investment policies and suitability
    • Allocate among asset classes
    • Allocate among sectors

    + Funding & Implementation
    • Discuss financial planning process
    • Evaluate risk with financial planning objectives
    • Finalize documents & agreements
    • Fund trusts & other entities

    + On-Going Reporting & Review
    • Review progress against mission/goal statement
    • Monitor accounts
    • Add/change investment objectives
    • Meet periodically
    • Review tax implications