Essential Estate Planning

Estate planning in its most basic form involves making a plan for the distribution of assets at death. However, good estate planning involves much more than that. A complete estate plan is a group of documents that includes a will, sometimes a trust, and a plan for the management of your assets and your healthcare should you become incapacitated.

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Bond Interest Could Be Tax Exempt, If Used For Qualified Education Expenses

When redeeming a Series EE or I bond, you may be eligible to avoid paying federal taxes on the interest earned. The savings bond education tax exclusion allows qualified holders to exclude the interest from their gross income, if the interest is used for qualified higher education expenses, or rolled over into either a 529 college savings plan or a Coverdell education savings account. When deciding if this is an option, we must begin by looking at the requirements.

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The Sandwich Generation

If you are providing care for your children, saving for your retirement, and caring for your elderly parents at the same time, you are in the “Sandwich Generation.” One of these items on its own is a task, but on top of your career and duties at home it becomes a challenge, one nobody should take on alone. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things that may help you through this time.

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Steps to Take After the Equifax Breach

As you may have heard, Equifax recently reported that they had a security breach in May through July 2017 that exposed information of as many as 143 million Americans. You can check to see if you were impacted...

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