Retirement Plan Consulting

Services offered through Buckingham Capital Management, Inc.

Do you currently offer a Retirement Plan for your employees?

  •   •  Is your plan paying plan fees that are necessary and reasonable?

  •   •  Is your plan operating in the best interest of the plan participants?

  •   •  Is your plan fulfilling the desired investment objectives?

  •   •  Are you meeting your fiduciary responsibilities? Individuals who are not, could be held personally responsible.

We can assist you with meeting your fiduciary responsibilities by:

  •   •  Completing an evaluation/benchmarking of all plan fee components such as Recordkeeping
    and Administration fees, Investment Advisor fees, and Asset Management fees
  •   •  Reviewing the suitability of the current investment menu relative to the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  •   •  Reviewing the current participant education and enrollment standards

Are you considering starting a Retirement Plan for your employees?

  We can help:

  •   •  Establish a strategy designed to meet your business needs

  •   •  Work to maximize your personal tax deferred retirement savings plan
  •   •  Build a strategic plan that can help employee retention/satisfaction rates
  •   •  Provide education to your employees to maximize their participation in the plan

  Employer benefits of 401(k) plans:

  •   •  Tax credits and business deductions

  •   •  Increased deferral and employer contribution limits

  •   •  Roth 401k contributions are available

Comparison of 401k plan with SIMPLE IRA and SEP

Who can contribute Employee, Employer optional Employee and Employer Employer only, must contribute for all eligible employees
Maximum employee contribution $18,000 $6,000(catch-up contribution for those over 50 years old) $12,500 $3,000 (catch-up contribution for those over 50 years old) Not available
Employer contributions From payroll with $54,000 cap (additional $6,000 catch-up if over 50 years old) Required match of 100% on first 3% of participating employee contributions, or 2% of all eligible employee salaries Up to 25% of W-2 payroll with a cap of $54,000
Vesting options for employer contributions Multiple year options or immediate Immediate Immediate
Access to assets before age 59 1/2 Penalty free loans or 10% penalty for early withdrawal 25% penalty if withdrawn within the first two years of participating, 10% penalty thereafter 10% penalty for early withdrawal

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